DAO Yoga Events


HARMONISE Retreat Day Ticket

Fri 25th Oct - Sun 28th Oct at The Comb, Hexham

We are excited to officially release the Saturday day schedule for our Harmonise Retreat. Perfect for those local to the area. Tickets are limited and cost £125 for the full day. This includes a self serve brunch and a vegetarian two course meal at dinner.

Saturday Schedule
Arrive at 9.15 am for a 9.30 am start

9.30: Forrest Inspired Back Bending Workshop
11.30: Self Serve Brunch
13.00: Foraging Workshop with discussion on seasonal eating and preparing for winter.
17.00: Botanical Bar and Wine Making with Andrew Johnson (alcohol free options available).
19:00: Vegetarian Dinner
21.00 Evening Restorative Yoga and Sound Journey with Rachel King
22.00 Optional Star Gazing, weather permitting.

We anticipate selling out so if you are interested please do get in touch.


U R Enough at Christmas

Sun 8th Dec, 10am- 2pm at Beetroot Sauvage

Back by popular demand, our U R ENOUGH at Christmas will take place in the beautiful space at Beetroot Sauvage.

Christmas- cinnamon cookies baking in the oven, fairy lights twinkling, carol singing. Family obligations, extra housework, crazy shopping and meeting deadlines -the festive season can be a magical yet fraught time.

How often does our inner critic tell us that we are not doing enough at Christmas; not spending enough; not socialising enough; not being enough for our families? These self-mutilating, habitual thoughts force us to plough on through in a determined struggle to complete endless to-do lists. BUT, is the cost worth it? We ignore our bodies plea’s for rest in a desperate attempt to prevent feelings of inadequacy emerging.

In Chinese Medicine theory, the winter is the time for dormancy, an opportunity to refuel for the brighter months. Overlooking these natural feelings leads to colds, flu, stress.

Hannah and Lena return to nourish, to care, to hold space and to remind you not to sacrifice your own essential needs for others. This Yuletide season, give your loved ones and yourself the most precious gift of all - presence over presents.

Join us for our Christmas special. Four hours to escape the festive madness filled with yoga, massage and mince pies.

Tickets: £50



Zhi- A Yin Yoga and Cupping Workshop

Fri 13th Dec, 7pm- 9pm at Mulberry House

"Zhi" defn: The shen/spirit related to the Kidney system. It is the minister of will, effort and perseverance.

Blending Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with yoga has become commonplace and is growing in popularity. Combining these 2 systems is especially relatable in the season of winter as TCM provides a beautiful model to explain the importance of slowing down and conserving Jing (life essence). However to fully support the Kidneys (Zang organ system related to winter), it is not enough simply to do less. Excessive sedentary activities can lead to stagnation of Qi, creating a frustrated Liver for the coming of spring. Afterall, there is no Yin without Yang - an expert balance of both is required for optimal health.

Join Hannah and Lena for a relaxing and rejuvenating evening of Yin Yoga, cupping and self massage.

A range of complimentary delicious homemade refreshments (including mince pies and mulled wine) will be offered at the end of class.
Cost: £25