Yoga Workshops


Honour Your Inner Darkness (A Halloween Special)

Sunday 29th Oct 2018, 10am-1.30pm

The Wellbeing Lab, Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park, Edinburgh

Harmony is to balance seemingly opposing forces- the shining Yang with it's cooler friend, Yin. Nowadays, yoga classes commonly focus on it's uplifting and jubilant quality or it's restful and restorative nature. To be truly whole and mindful, we must acknowledge our shadowier elements. The rage, the misery, the anguish, the despair. To deny ourselves these painful sensations creates the loss of context and perspective. It is these powerful emotions that are necessary for growth and transformation.

This Halloween season, Hannah and Lena will fiercely hold space to safely explore inner darkness- our ghosts that haunt us all.
Lena's Forrest Yoga sequence delves into the insidious feelings of guilt and shame that reside somatically in our cell tissue. As a group, we will flow through the usually solitary experience of suffering and feel it together with targeted breath and movement. 

This supportive process leads into Hannah's Yin practice. Residual feelings lingering from the earlier segment and the emotional discomfort stored in the fascia will be given our full attention as Hannah carefully guides us to a lighter state of being. Happiness can then be felt freely at its brightest and unhindered, unencumbered by shadow.

Our intelligently woven workshop balances strong breath, yoga asana with a genuine, authentic honesty that will move you physically and emotionally.

Tickets: £40
Herbal teas and cake included in the price