Perinatal Doula Service

Lena trained with the esteemed Nicola Goodall of Red Tent Doulas and currently works alongside her for a number of Edinburgh mamas-to-be. A mother of 2 sons herself, Lena has spent years looking after women in all areas of pre- and post-natal care. As early as preconception, Lena has also supported couples going through the rigors of IVF as well treating them throughout every trimester of pregnancy. In her acupuncture clinic, she commonly saw and treated morning sickness, pelvic pain, fatigue and used moxibustion to turn breech position babies.

Her own childbirth story was colourful where she had both an emergency caesarean for her 1st baby and a natural VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) for her 2nd, and hence she has an empathic insight into the concerns of pregnant women.